5 unique tips for printing your PetToonies

5 unique tips for printing your PetToonies

 What's the best way to print your PetToonies digital art? 

Hola PetToonies family! Today I want to share with you a question that you often ask me, that can help you make your PetToonies even more unique and memorable.

Choosing the best digital print solution can often be difficult, especially when you have to choose between different papers to print and various printing methods. There is no correct answer, what’s so great about printing digital pictures is that there can be different options, from the most classic to the most original.

Here are some ideas for printing your PetToonies that I have personally tried and that many of you have also been very satisfied with!


 How to choose which photo paper to print your PetToonies digital art on

You often ask me which photo paper I recommend to print your digital picture. Keep in mind that selecting the best photo paper for printing will affect the final result of the image.

What are the most used options?

  • Glossy paper is a photo paper that increases glare, but also displays a wider range of colors
  • Matte prints are great for any lighting level, they bring out the colors on all drawings

My advice: my favorite photo paper is matte paper, because it enhances all the details of the drawing while avoiding glare in some parts of it. 


 The best way to print your PetToonies 

After creating a PetToonies, one of the things I love most is seeing how you choose to print it. Every time you send me the photos of your PetToonies printed on canvas or objects, I get so excited, the drawing comes to life and I feel I’m sharing with you the thrill of having a unique and totally personalized creation of your adorable pet in your hands!

Want to find out what customers' favorite printing methods are? Continue reading to see which ones are the most chosen and appreciated.

Absolutely one of my favorites! Printing on canvas is the most traditional printing method but also the most powerful: it can bring your PetToonies to life and convey emotions beyond words!

Here are the features that make canvas one of the most requested products:

  • You can choose between portrait or landscape format
  • It is stretched out in a sturdy wooden frame, ready to hang with fixtures in the back
  • My supplier allows you to choose between 3 different sizes: 12x16in, 18x24in, 24x30in

Your PetToonies thus becomes a wonderful work of art that you can enjoy whenever you want.

I love getting photos of your canvases and seeing how happy you are with your PetToonies on canvas!

Don't have your PetToonies canvas yet or you'd like to get another one? Click here to select yours


This is one of the most original ways to spread love for your pet (and your PetToonies as well)!

Stickers are a fun and unconventional way to print your PetToonies.

They can be stuck on anything, as well as being an original gift to give a copy of your PetToonies to whoever you want.  In fact, the package contains 5 stickers each one measures 3x3".

My supplier prints the stickers taking care to keep the original shape of the PetToonies, the result is super fun! 

Can't you wait to try them too? Click here to get your PetToonies stickers


I am a big fan of PetToonies mugs! I love to see the drawing I created when it is printed on a mug. I often think of you while drinking your coffee or tea from a PetToonies mug and smile while looking at your wonderful drawing!

The mug is one of the most chosen products to print your PetToonies, and I'm super happy with it! Would you like to receive the personalized mug with your PetToonies too? Click here

 And now...hurry up and print your PetToonies! 

Thank you for reading my tips, I hope it was useful and inspires you with new ideas to print your digital art.

If you liked this article, share it and let me know your thoughts in the comments section! Can't wait to know if you have any other original tips on how to print your digital picture!

Otherwise, if you haven't done so yet, try one of these great methods for printing your PetToonies!


With love,  

Irene de Prada

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I had my digital pettoonie printed on metal and the colors and clarity are phenomenal! IF you don’t already offer this directly, you should consider making it an option. They come out beautifully and weigh next to nothing which makes shipping very reasonable.


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