3 stunning ways to dress your pet

3 stunning ways to dress your pet


Hola PetToonies Family! In this short article you can find original ideas to dress your fur baby in a unique way. Read on to find out!

The PetToonies drawing, in addition to being an original work of art that I drew for you with a lot of love and passion, can also be printed on lovely accessories that pets can wear and always carry with them! These are totally customized products with your PetToonies, no one else can have one like yours. This makes these gifts truly unique for your pet or any pet lover!!

Do you want to know which accessories you can customize with your PetToonies? Let's get started!!


The bandana is among the first accessories I customized with the PetToonies of my dog ​​Dolce, and it was also very much appreciated by many of you for their furry friends!

The PetToonies bandana is a great way to add some personality to your pet. Made of soft-spun polyester, the fabric will not bunch or irritate your baby’s skin. While pets already have their own character, a PetToonies custom bandana can help bring things to the next level.

Do you want to have your own personalized bandana for your best friend’s too? Get yours here now!

Get Your Bandana

A lof of pets have a tag that identifies them. The funniest way to make your fur baby even more cool is to give him the PetToonies personalized tag!

Personalized pet tags provide a fresh way to spice up a furry friend's collar. The tag and clip are both made of metal. This increased durability comes in handy, as collar pieces can snag on brush, corners, etc

You can even add your pet's name on the front of the tag and a phone number on the back!

My dog ​​Dolce and my cat Luna always wear their own personalized tag and are really proud of it. Do you want to customize your pet tag? Click here

Get Your Tag

Every time I see your lovely pets with the PetToonies Tank Top on I am so thrilled, they are so cute with the tank top personalized with their drawing!

The PetToonies Tank Top is perfect for keeping your tiny (or not so tiny) friend warm. It is safe to machine wash and comes in multiple sizes: M - XL.

It is comfortable to wear, fun and original. I just love it! Choose the size for your pet here

Get Your Tank Top


I hope you liked these ideas and they help you choose the perfect personalized accessories for your pet or for those who simply love them.

Don't forget to send me some awesome photos of your fur baby with its personalized PetToonies accessories!!

Go get the accessories customized with your PetToonies here

Go and give it to your fur baby

Thank you SO much for all your support!!

With Love,

Irene de Prada

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